Bridging the gap between Education, Science and Artistic Creation.

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SD Global is a worldwide music company based in Hong Kong, built on a solid foundation of experience in the UK music industry.

Our current focus is on the educational sector, primarily in the emerging Chinese market. We are dedicated to discovering and releasing the music of artists and labels on the verge of breaking through into the industry.

In everything we do we are committed to providing the best service we can give, and highly value our clients. Under our wing we operate a number of record labels over the Western Hemisphere and into the East. As our world becomes more technologically advanced, we relentlessly apply our efforts to develop the services of tomorrow. This gives peace of mind to our clientele, and secures our place in the ever evolving market.
Music is our passion, Education is our goal.

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Below are selection of labels we represent.

Audio Aura Records


Multimedia Educational Resources.

Combining the latest scientific metods of learning with fun and creative content for young learners. Focusing predominantly on the Chinese market, providing resources for foreign learners and partners with educational institutions to provide high quality learning matierials for students of all ages.

Cold Wax Records

Mind Mentoring

Education, Deep Learning

Applying the latest scientific methods to help improve human performance in sports, music, memorisation and muscle memory.

Audio Aura Records

Audio Aura

Chillout, Relxation, Meditation

This Sweden-based label have curated a tight niche of exclusive artists that produce what is now known as “Sleep Music”. Based on an aspect of spiritual science known as the 432Hz phenomenon, designed to promote relaxation, healing and calm.

Cold Wax Records

Cold Wax Records

Electronic, Dance, Techno

Born in Bristol, UK, two music PhD students branched off from their classical upbringing by cutting dubplates for their DJ friends as a hobby. This soon grew into an independent label. After a 4 year hiatus they’re back releasing tunes from their exclusive archive.

Blue Mundo Records

Blue Mundo Records

World, Jazz, Piano

Colombian born Nicolás Rodríguez grew up with the sound of old jazz records during the 70s. This early exposure to great music shaped Nicolás’ adult life. After attending college in New York, he returned to Colombia to produce local jazz artists. Blue Mundo Records was born.

Dope Mine Records

Dope Mine Records

Instrumental Hip-Hop, Downtempo/Leftfield

This Brooklyn based label has been working with underprivileged youths for nearly two decades. Now on board are some of the most inspiring young beat producers on the east coast. The low-fi element to this label’s music is definitely a craft, and they’re honing it.

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We focus a huge amount of energy into our clients, and this shows in the loyal relationships that our founders have built over the years. We reserve our client spaces for only the very best players in the industry. If you you think you have what it takes, contact us using the form below, including links to samples of your work.


We’re currently looking to grow our team and are looking for A&R staff, and an SEO specialist to work alongside our PR team. If you think you have what it takes to join our skilled team, please send your resume to jobs[at] We look forward to hearing from you.


For press packs or information regarding any of the artists we represent please fill in the form below, specifying which the artist of interest and the organisation you represent or alternatively contact us at press[at]

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China: +86 13049827773
UK: +44 7805 309851


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